A drop by the barber will only keep 您 looking sharp for a few days. If 您 want to keep the amazing results longer, 您 need to have a few tools and a routine that will get the haircut to last. 

When choosing the right tools to maintain 您r haircut, 您 should be cautious and meticulous. You don’t want to have an entire barbershop in 您r bathroom, but 您 also don’t want to have equipment that is hard to use and low quality. Here are some of the right tools that will help 您 keep that look longer. 



一双好 理发剪刀 are vital when trimming facial hair and also the hair on 您r head. Scissors are flexible and easy to use. Be sure to choose a high-quality stainless steel pair of 剪刀 that will stand up to the humidity and not go blunt anytime soon. 

Considering this is one of the tools 您 will use frequently, don’t hold back on the quality. Buy the best 您 can get and it will save 您 a lot of trouble trying to put 您rself together in the morning. 


The biggest challenge when grooming and tidying 您rself up is seeing the back of 您r head. If 您’ve tried the hand-held mirror technique, 您 can attest to how tedious it is and more than often, 您 have a sore hand for the rest of the day. 

A self-cut mirror system eases this challenge by having a set of three mirrors fixed to sturdy frame that 您 can hang just about anywhere. It gives 您 an all-round view of 您r head making it easier to get the cuts and lines right. 


You will often find 您rself with a hair clipper when maintaining 您r hair cut. It’s one of the most often used tools and as such, 您 have to make sure the option 您 pick will rise to the occasion and provide 您 with the results 您 seek. 

There are plenty of options and brands in the market. However, 您r top priority should be quality, flexibility and features. 

There are a few things 您 need to consider when buying 您r new hair clippers. Here are a few of them: 

  • 可靠性– 您’re better off spending more on a good quality set of clippers than going for a cheaper one that will under-deliver and have 您 looking for a replacement sooner than 您 expected. For the best experience, go for reputable brands with clippers that have a sturdy build, strong motor and a high-quality blade that smoothly cuts 您r hair. 
  • 品质– 每个理发器都不一样,质量也不尽相同。在选择之前,请考虑用于制造外壳的材料(在这种情况下,首选Valox)。检查叶片是否锋利而坚固,以及电动机的质量和功率。请务必阅读一些客户评论,以了解其他客户在购买前对您正在考虑的选项有何评论。 
  • 易用性和使用频率– 您将自己在镜子前进行切割,并有压力要走出来并朝肩膀上走。不用说,您想要的最后一件事是一双剪刀,这需要十只手指才能使它起作用。推剪应易于使用和操作。无论您每月还是每天使用几次,都必须保证质量。如果您经常出差,则可以考虑使用无绳选件,即使您在旅途中也可以保持整洁’re on the road. 
  • 配件– accessories will improve 您r experience with the clippers. At a bare minimum, go for clippers with a blade guard, clipper oil and grease, comb attachments and a reasonable warranty. Some brands may offer more while others provide less. 




The best thing about 整形工具s for beards is that they come in different shapes and sizes to suit different cuts. If 您’re a little creative, 您 can also use the 整形工具 to perfect 您r haircuts. 



直剃刀是经典之作,它们’在美容和剪发中,ve仍然是必不可少的部分。添加了创新的刀片支架,使更换刀片变得非常容易。直线剃须刀是修剪胡须时的理想选择,与推子不同,它们不需要’t irritate the skin as much giving 您 a beautiful cut without the bumps. 

When used together with the beard 整形工具, straight razors can offer amazing effects and make it easier to align 您r cheeks with 您r neckline. 


Whether 您’ve been cutting 您r hair for a while or 您’re just starting, 您 need an antiseptic for 您r tools and for the occasional cuts. Haircutting equipment is so sharp 您 don’甚至感觉不到一些刮擦和擦伤。防腐剂有助于抵抗和预防伤口感染。 

The antiseptic also keeps 您r tools sterilized to prevent the build-up of bacteria which could wreak havoc if 您 were to cut 您rself. 


With these few tools, 您’re assured of keeping the perfect cut for as long as 您 need to. Remember, even though 您 don’不需要专业级的设备,不要’t compromise on quality. With quality tools, 您 have better results and better value for money. 



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